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An elderly lady with severe sciatica had spinal injections...

which unfortunately didn't help and managed to avoid surgery with our care

I'm immensely grateful to you for seeing me through 9 months of sciatica; it's been a tough time.Your advice, care and continuous excellent treatment is very much appreciated.

Through all the years - well over 20 now - I've always had complete faith in your chiropractic skills and understanding and, once more, you have seen me through a difficult period. It's great to be free from the debilitating sciatic peripheral nerve pain at last.

I shall continue to advocate chiropractic treatment to all I know'"

Dispelling the myth of the chiropractor...from a 62 year old lady...

When I found myself in extreme pain with both my neck and back and having visited the doctor who could only prescribe painkillers, I started to research chiropractic methods.

When you google Salisbury Chiropractor the first result you get is Salisbury Chiropractic Clinic which has a very informative website and answers a lot of the questions I had.

Why had I not ever considered this before? The reason was that I didn’t really know what a chiropractor did and probably felt quite daunted by going down this avenue.

But I didn’t need to be daunted at all. When you first arrive at the clinic, which is based in the city centre and very conveniently opposite a multi storey car park, you get a warm, friendly and reassuring welcome from the receptionist.

The first appointment a patient has is to talk through the pain, how it manifests itself, possible causes of the pain, lifestyle and any other things that could affect your well-being.

All this puts you at ease immediately and you begin to relax into the conversation because you can see a means to an end.

I was assigned to Nigel Hunt, one of the partners of the practice. He has a very easy, comfortable manner with patients and is quick to get to the heart of the problem. After the first visit I could feel the difference and after a few more visits I was feeling much more like the person I was before the pain started.

When you are pain free you are offered the opportunity to attend a fitness workshop, either in a small group or one to one basis so that you can manage the condition and not find yourself in pain again.

My recommendation to anyone who is suffering is take the plunge and go to Salisbury Chiropractic Clinic. It will make a huge difference and normal service can be resumed.

Susan, aged 70, a retired pharmacist and lives on the outskirts of Salisbury...

She first came to the clinic suffering from intermittent migraine headaches and her doctor recommended a chiropractor. 

At first she visited every week but after two or three visits she came back every eight weeks. She really noticed the difference, the migraines subsided because the manipulation loosened the tension in her neck and as a result the headaches faded away. She now has treatment every four to six months.

Susan says that she would definitely recommend using a chiropractor as her quality of life has greatly improved and she looks forward to the sessions as a time when she can relax and concentrate purely on herself and the treatment. She said: “All in all it was a caring experience.”

Malcolm, aged 68, is a semi-retired coach driver who first visited the clinic in 1998...

with a prolapsed disc and a twisted pelvis. This was caused by his job which involved lifting heavy luggage and sitting in the same position for too long. His love of gardening did not help either.

He visited the chiropractor because he did not want to just take painkillers.  He was in extreme pain and so in addition to the sessions at the clinic he went through a robust 15 minute exercise regime on the hour from 7am until midnight every day for 12 weeks.  He was then fit enough to return to work.  He now only visits every two or three years or if he has any pain in between.

Malcolm says he would recommend the clinic to everyone. “You are made to feel comfortable, everything is explained and the fact that I am still doing some light driving is testament to the treatment I had,” he said.

Tom, aged 23, is a carpenter who lives in Salisbury...

He is only on his second visit to the chiropractor.  He has had a recurring back problem since the age of 14 and has only just discovered the clinic. He was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc and has suffered pain for a lot of his younger years. 

He says that the treatment is great and he feels so different and able to cope with life much better and with pain.  He feels that it is worth every penny and the fact that the pain is decreasing is great news.

Kay, aged 56 and living in Salisbury, woke up one day and couldn’t get out of bed...

with extreme back pain.

She went to the doctors who recommended painkillers and an MRI scan and while she waited for her scan she was recommended by a friend to go to Salisbury Chiropractic Clinic. As the pain was so extreme in the first weeks she went three times a week, gradually dropping down to twice, once and then every three weeks. She also had ultrasound, which is part of the treatment programme, and found the combination most effective.

She says the clinic takes a holistic approach to their patients, completely putting them at ease, talking to them about their pain and the treatment they are going to give. She would recommend this clinic to anyone who suffers from neck or back pain.

Sarah, known as Sally and aged 79, travels all the way from Bath to attend this clinic...

She is a long term patient and comes when she has pain.  She first came in 1996 when she had back pain, that was treated and then she had neck pain which was also treated. She tends to come four times a year to ensure she is able to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

She admits she has tried a local chiropractor but she says they are not in the same league as this clinic. She says Nigel is a good listener, often giving her good advice and recommendations on other medical issues such as her hip and shoulder. She would not go anywhere else because of the thoughtful and gentle care she receives at the practice.

Hazel, aged 60, had a bad fall recently and injured her back...

She knew what a chiropractor was but felt that the treatment would probably not be appropriate for her as her injury was not classed as chronic. However her brother recommended that she should attend this clinic and she went along. After two sessions she is now pain free and delighted with the treatment she received.

She describes the experience as ‘working magic’ and urges anyone who has mixed feelings or fixed ideas about the chiropractic treatment to consider again and take the leap. She said that Nigel diagnosed where the pain was immediately, reassured her and then treated her successfully.

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